Friday, January 29, 2010

..."Carrie and Michael"... CANADA's First Get Buzzy Ambition Coach's

We both come from Vernon, BC, a small city of about 50000 people. The common mentality there is go to school, get a good, secure job, invest ‘wisely’ in a well-diversified portfolio of mutual funds. We realize that school is important as it teaches you how to learn, but in today’s economy there is no such thing as a ‘secure’ job, and it is becoming increasingly evident that the turmoil in the stock markets and profit siphoning by financial planners and fund managers make mutual funds a poor choice for retirement savings.To combat the new problems facing us, we realize that multiple streams of income must be put into action. In order to be successful, individuals must learn how to raise capital to fund their entrepreneurial ideas and achieve their goals, whatever they may be. By setting goals and finding ways to finance those goals with the help of their parents, the skills required tomorrow can become second nature for the kids of today. Let’s help them be prepared for what is to come.Instead of teaching our children to be servants working for someone else (employee) or themselves (self-employed), we should be teaching them how to get other people to work for them (business owners) and to invest in wise investments to let their money work for them.The definition of a wise investment is different from person to person, and it depends on your personal knowledge set and circumstances. One investment might be a great one for us, but a terrible one for you. The key in all investments is financial education. Let’s give our kids the best chance possible and start giving them this education from an early age.

Joe Estrada - After 35 years in the workforce, 25 years in Business' & 16 years teaching "How to improve your life with 21st century education ... for every area of life" - I realised that this should be taught from childhood.
TWO simple things the "Skill" of achieving what you want your goals and financial education in the way of M.S.I.'s - Multiple Sources of Income.
Of the 1000's of people I've spoken to most agree with this, but teach what ?
Thats what I formed "Get Buzz Education" to do find 21st Century answers for our childrens futures ... and I found that they are out there !!!
I ask you to come on this success journey ... of destinations for our kids.
Live, Love and Laugh A LOT !!
Joe Estrada (Mr Goals, G.A.T.E.S. & MSI's)